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Jungle Path

Voluntourism – Know Before You Go

My first experience with voluntourism was in Costa Rica at an off-grid turtle camp, La Tortuga Feliz. It was founded by the late Paul Lepourtre after he studied the sea turtles in the area and is now run by long-term international volunteers and the local community. The program generates income for the locals through volunteer fees- providing another way to make a living other than poaching. The local guides take the volunteers out on night-time beach patrols, collecting recently laid turtle eggs and bringing them back to the hatchery where they are protected from poachers. I showed up after a few bumps in the road not really knowing what to expect. We’d come in at dawn, the noise of the boat waking up the howler monkeys, sending them into yelling fits in the jungle overhead. It was unreal, the area was so untouched and so full of wildlife. The locals are very inspiring in that they make use of any material to build what they need and are some of the most cheerful, friendly people I’ve ever met. I knew this would …