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Celiac Vegan Diet

Life As A Celiac Vegan

“You’re allergic to dairy and eggs”…. Next to being told I was celiac five years ago, this is probably the worst thing my doctor has told me. Not only did I have to give up the gluten deliciousness of beer, bread, pasta, and pastries now I had to give up cheese?! Guess I should count my lucky stars that the only bad medical news I have received relates to my diet, but come on! A celiac vegan! This has brought my “hangriness” to new and previously unknown levels. I ate constantly without every feeling satisfied. True I mopped about this for a few weeks, but since talking to coworkers, friends, my naturopath, and reading a few cookbooks I’ve learned a lot. A bit of background – I became a vegetarian about two years ago when our mom got pet chickens for eggs while at the same time I had to dissect various animals in a zoology class. I could no longer look at meat and not see flesh. Especially fish and chicken, both turned my …