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Quick Tips to Reduce Food Waste

My goal this year is to reduce food waste. Food waste has social, economic and environmental costs associated with it and is a hot topic right now. I compost all food waste that I can but the goal here is to avoid putting it in the compost in the first place. I certainly wouldn’t empty my wallet into the compost bin…… and filling it up with food we don’t use is no different than throwing away my hard earned $$$ These are the following steps we are taking to achieve our goals: Do not do the typical large grocery shop, instead only buy enough fresh food for 3 days If there are leftovers that are getting past human consumption or if there is food past the best before date give it to the dogs to eat. I often cut up left over meats and freeze them to use as dog training treats If the leftovers are not suitable for the dogs give it to the chickens. She eats all fruits, vegetables, pasta, rice and bread …