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Take It Outside Challenge

May Challenge – Take it Outside

In May the David Suzuki Foundation’s annual 30×30 Nature Challenge begins. We’re adding a twist. We want this challenge to be habit forming, making nature apart of your daily routine by taking something you would normally do indoors, outdoors. This can be anything like taking a meeting, eating lunch or simply spending time with friends. By dressing appropriately and thinking creatively there is no reason you can’t spend 30 minutes in nature every day of the year. Why would you want to do this? For starters, nature is awesome, the outdoors are fun and there are tons of physical and mental benefits, such as; lowered heart rate, improved concentration, stress-reduction, boosted immune-system and much more. Plus the more time we spend in nature the more likely we are to take care of it. Other than that, prizes. We’ll be randomly selecting 3 winners at the end of the month. PRIZES: 1 $50 gift card for TenTree, 1 limited edition photo or fine art print (of your choosing) on FSC-certified paper,  and a knitted beer growler carrier using cruelty-free wool. How to enter: Post a photo on Instagram …

Celiac Vegan Diet

Life As A Celiac Vegan

“You’re allergic to dairy and eggs”…. Next to being told I was celiac five years ago, this is probably the worst thing my doctor has told me. Not only did I have to give up the gluten deliciousness of beer, bread, pasta, and pastries now I had to give up cheese?! Guess I should count my lucky stars that the only bad medical news I have received relates to my diet, but come on! A celiac vegan! This has brought my “hangriness” to new and previously unknown levels. I ate constantly without every feeling satisfied. True I mopped about this for a few weeks, but since talking to coworkers, friends, my naturopath, and reading a few cookbooks I’ve learned a lot. A bit of background – I became a vegetarian about two years ago when our mom got pet chickens for eggs while at the same time I had to dissect various animals in a zoology class. I could no longer look at meat and not see flesh. Especially fish and chicken, both turned my …