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Bear Aware Safety Measures and Tips

How to be Bear Aware in Urban Areas

Bear sightings in the Pacific North West are on the rise. Recently, BC Conservation Officers announced they’ve had to destroy a record number of habituated bears. The main contributing factor to this is we have built our homes where they roam, feed, and slumber. Anyone who knows me (or has seen our son’s nursery) knows I have a love of all things bear. Logan’s room is filled with bears, I have a tattoo of a Panda, and I often dream about them. Is that weird? A typical black bear will have a home range of roughly 100km. The neighbourhood my family and I live in is 30 years old. Our local black bears are habituated to people. This means they have learned how to grab a quick snack from unsecured compost and garbage bins or raid our gardens and bird feeders. Later this summer we will be moving to a newly developed area that boarders a research forest and provincial park. These local bears will not be as acclimated to the presence of humans…yet. It …

Take It Outside

#TakeItOutside30 Winners!

We had so much fun with the #TakeItOutside30 challenge, remembering to get outside kept us feeling grounded and energized- we hope it did for you too. The #TakeItOutside30 contest winners from Instagram are… @katiebrockett, @keyabythelake and @islalifedesigns! A few of our favourite of their submissions are below: Thank-you everyone who participated in the challenge, we hope you’re inspired to keep it up throughout the year!

Glass House Mountain

Feeling at Home in the Wilderness

Imposing peaks, unknown wildlife, poison ivy… there’s a variety of factors that can contribute to feeling uncomfortable in the wilderness. Even if you are used to spending time outdoors, a new environment or changing conditions can throw you off. I’m speaking from experience on this one, I’ve found myself feeling uncomfortably low on the food chain anytime I’ve been in shark populated waters. I have a tremendous respect and admiration for sharks but I’ve also got an active imagination, and shark attack stories – those stick with you. Logically, I know sharks are not hanging out down there just waiting to take a sample out of me but some small part of my mind screams at me that it does happen and that I can in fact be next. We don’t often feel like prey in the modern age and I think we’ve forgotten how to deal with it. Our primal fears once served a very important purpose but now that most of us live in protective shelters with basic needs met, we’re no longer …

Bird Watching in the PNW

Spring Bird Watching in the PNW

I’ll be the first to admit I am a bird watching nerd. I have numerous bird identifications books, apps, various camera lenses and binoculars. This hobby started while taking an Introduction to Ecology class in my first year of school and carried over into my second year research project. Now I can’t get enough of it. Just yesterday I was walking along a trail at work doing some light pruning when I heard an unfamiliar woodpecker sound…. I looked up and low and behold there was a Lewis’s Woodpecker (Melanerpes lewis) trying to get some snacks out of a Cottonwood tree. These guys are rare in our neck of the woods and are a blue-listed species1 so it was a real treat. Books and Apps to Get Started First things first, get yourself a bird identification book. I highly recommend The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America by David Allen Sibley. It is super easy to use with a quick identification guide, pictures are true to life, and notes on how to …