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Luke Wallace

Environmentalist of the Month: Luke Wallace

It’s the fall return of our blog! First up, we’re introducing you to environmentalist Luke Wallace. I met this inspiring folk singer at the premiere of his first documentary, One Big Coast and was instantly a fan. His voice has the power to draw the whole room in and lift the spirits of every environment-loving listener. One Big Coast was shown at British Columbia Institute of Technology during a sustainability event my classmates and I hosted. An added bonus to the film was a concert at the end. We were blown away by how someone so young, 22 at the time, could have such a strong and powerful voice and how effectively it came across through art. Luke Wallace is a recent graduate of University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geography, a musician and a conservation activist. During his mid-teens he began to sing in choirs. Over time he picked up the guitar and starting writing, singing and performing folk music. He credits his love of music for getting him through …