What an adventure! Here we are the three of us, all with the same passion for a healthy environment and sustainability. Each one of us brings a different skill set and together we are THE ECO TRIO. Our goal is to live our lives leaving as little impact on the earth as possible while having fun and sharing our learnings along the way. We welcome you to our site and hope you share the same passion for environmentally friendly choices and desire to make each and every day count. We want you to have fun while you learn new skills and embrace sustainability!


ROBERTA aka mom

Roberta is a Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist, ISA certified Arborist and Risk Assessor and has been involved in the horticulture industry for more than 30 years. Currently she is working in a Municipal role as an Urban Forestry Technician. A budding author, she is in the process of writing a book on organic gardening to encourage new and experienced gardeners to grow their own food. The city lot she has called home for the last 9 years has provided enough food to share with friends and family. Roberta and her husband have recently purchased a 5 acre farm and are excited to embrace the adventure into farming. She is full of motherly advice (often unsolicited!), and is generous with her wine and craft beer.


Lifestyle:  HOBBY FARMER


SHANNA aka Ranger Rosemary

Shanna is a graduate of the Fish, Wildlife and Recreation program. She has been in the horticulture industry for as many years as she has been able to go to work with mom! Currently working as a Park Ranger, she is making sure everyone is following the rules (her favourite), we like to call her “Ranger Rosemary”. Shanna is passionate about the environment, sustainability and posses mad knitting skills. She loves to craft, bake, garden and provide helpful information on environmental choices to anyone who is interested. As a new mom, she is also passionate about getting young children out of the house and into nature to experience the benefits and learn to appreciate and eventually protect it.


Lifestyle:  URBANITE


NIKKEY aka the wild child

Nikkey’s educated in Graphic Design, however she is involved in everything and never stops – best of all she never stops believing that we, all of us, can make a difference. Nikkey is a photographer, social media specialist, designer, yoga teacher and our life of the party. A natural artist, she is the visual creator of everything we do. Part self-employed, she also works part-time for a tourism board. She has been involved with many environmental organizations and has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the world. Nikkey loves to live a simple, minimalistic lifestyle– so don’t expect to get a plate when you’re a guest for dinner; more than 2 plates is unnecessary and the cutting board works just fine. Although, she does have a lot of wine glasses!