Month: February 2017

Tapping for Maple Syrup

Hobby Farm Inspiration: Tapping Maples and Hunting for Truffles

I’ve achieved my adult goal of owning a farm. Now comes the fun part of deciding what to do with five acres of potential. I recently attended the Pacific Agriculture Show. I was so excited and inspired I lost count of the texts I was firing off to Shanna and Nikkey. They must have thought I had gone off the deep end. Suddenly I was going to hunt for truffles, tap Big Leaf Maples for syrup and grow amazing garlic! For a mere $90.00 I had access to three days of the tradeshow and as many of the 100 seminars as I wanted. By the end of the weekend I had to really to rein myself in. I only have five acres. There is no way I am ever going to live long enough to do it all the things, never mind be physically capable!!! Now as I relax by the fire with a warm cup of tea I would love to share with you some of the highlights of what I learned in this first …

Hiking 4 Lake Loop

A Sustainable Living Manifesto

What if every morning we woke up and instead of trying to move a massive mountain we just picked up a light little pebble and moved that? And then imagined all those other people out there moving their own pebbles, it would start to feel like we are in fact moving a mountain – together. People get overwhelmed when changing their lifestyle because the environmental issues can feel so big and unsolvable. It also doesn’t help that our harmful habits are so deeply engrained in our western lives – most societies are not set up for us to live lighter with ease. But the more we change the more the world will change with us. Anyone can live more sustainably with a few adjustments, it doesn’t have to cost money but it does take time and energy. In a culture that values ‘busy’ it can feel like we don’t have either of those but for the vast majority of us there is still time to be found. Take 30 minutes out of your day that you’d normally spend …