Month: November 2016


How to Get Started Raising Chickens

Warning: Chickens are addictive and you may soon gain the label of “The Crazy Chicken Lady” There is nothing more adorable than a day old chick especially if you’re the proud new owner. Theyโ€™re so fluffy, surprisingly aware and the little noises they make are so endearing “cheep-cheep-cheep”. All your supplies should be ready and in good order for the arrival of your new flock. Baby chicks are usually better off raised indoors for the first 4-6 weeks depending on weather and conditions of their future coop. This way the temperature can be monitored and maintained, as well as keeps them away from predators like the family cat or dog. I had a terrible experience with THE CAT. The chicks were kept in one of our bedrooms and he must of heard the door not close tight so while I was in the kitchen I heard the bedroom door open. I went running down the hallway and there he was with one of my baby chicks in his mouth. The noise that came from me …