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How to Grow Sprouts Indoors

Growing Sprouts Indoors

We spent our spring renting a basement suite while waiting to move into our farm. I found myself longing for a garden and was suffering terribly from garden withdrawals. Today I’ll share with you how I beat the basement doldrums by growing my own sprouts.

No garden, no problem! So much of my time is normally spent outdoors so our new living situation was not agreeing with me at all. It really was more about growing anything not just my own food but anything green. While shopping at an organic food market one day I came across some seeds for sprouts and a solution to my withdrawals. I purchased a bag of sprouting seeds found some random glass jars, cheese cloth and I was back in business.

You can find sprouting seeds at organic food stores and larger garden centres or order them online. There are so many varieties to choose from now and some packages even have mixes which take that old green salad to a whole new level.

Sprouts are very good for you and have tons of health benefits; they have the highest content of phytonutrients per calorie of any food which play an important role in fighting disease. They are a good source of protein and are loaded with nutrients for such a small amount of food low in calories. It’s important to know that sprouts are more beneficial if eaten raw; the nutritional benefit of sprouts is greatly reduced when cooked.

A word of caution for growing sprouts make sure to rinse them very well and often, bacterial contamination can happen with sprouting seeds. Start with clean jars and seeds that have been packaged for the purpose of using as sprouting seeds to reduce this risk.

Watering Sprouts

Enjoy these delicious little treats on sandwiches, salads, wraps, green smoothies or just alone with an oil and vinegar dressing.

Supplies Needed

  • Glass jars – wide mouth work better
  • One of the following; cheese cloth, metal screen, or nylons
  • Sprouting seeds
  • Measuring spoon
  • Water


  1. Put 1 tbsp of sprouting seeds into glass jar, if seeds are larger you can use 2 tbsp
  2. Put your cheese cloth over top of jar and screw ring on to hold screen in place
  3. Add cool water to cover the seeds 3 times the depth of the seeds
  4. Soak for one hour, drain off excess water and rinse the seeds by swishing water around in the jar then draining it off
  5. Place in a location where they will get bright indirect natural light
  6. Rinse the seeds 3 times a day with cool water, draining off excess water
  7. Watch them grow!

Your sprouts will be ready to harvest in 4-5 days. Give them a final rinse and drain then store them in the fridge in an airtight container.

Questions about growing your own sprouts? Share with us below.

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