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Environmentalist of the Month: David Suzuki

Letters to my Grandchildren Book

Welcome to our first edition of Environmentalist of the Month! We aim to share interesting facts and suggested readings from some of the people who have inspired us personally, changed history or are simply worth learning about.

First up, David Suzuki. We may seem a little Suzuki crazy around here at the moment but it seemed fitting with the May Challenge.

RECOMMENDED READING: Letters to my Grandchildren
PAIRED WITH: A cozy cup of tea


If you haven’t heard of David Suzuki, he is a scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster. He has been teaching Canadians through various mediums about the environment for over 40 years. Host of  The Nature of Things, he has helped shaped Canadian’s love of nature for the past three decades – basically, he is our version of David Attenborough but with more science and activism cred. His passion has been passed down through his family- if you haven’t seen his daughter, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, speaking to the UN when she was only 9 years old, it is a must watch.

David Suzuki has authored 52 books and dedicated much of his life to calling attention to climate change and conservation. In Letters to my Grandchildren he shares traces of his captivating journey and imparts the kind of wisdom only the elders can hold on subjects such as motivation and values, grassroots change and the state of the world. In a time where environmentalism is a norm concept it gives the reader an insightful look into the past at what it must have been like to start the journey back then.

Open Book

What stands out to me the most about his life’s work (especially after reading this book) is how hard he has fought and for how long – only for us to end up in a worse state than when he started out. But despite this he has never given up! Past retirement age, he is still spreading the message that we all need to act together now to slow down the effects of climate change and preserve the precious ecosystems we have left.

Here is some inspiration from the man himself:

Canada would be a different place without David Suzuki’s work and influence. We may not be the best country for acting on climate change but I can’t imagine how worse off we’d be without his and the Foundation’s work promoting the importance of smaller footprints. He is definitely someone we can all learn something from, if not in the sciences then in sheer determination. I have no doubt he will keep spreading his message and can only hope our leaders will start to really listen. Until then, as the video says- we can all do our part!

We’re in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone’s arguing over where they’re going to sit. –David Suzuki

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