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Gift Wrapping Au Naturel

Green Gift Wrapping

I need to start off by saying I hate gift bags.

It is time to stop relying on those cheesy store purchase bags and start using beautiful compostable, reusable materials. Not only is it eco-friendly but you will look like a gift-giving super star.

Step 1

Cut a previously used paper bag to the size you need to wrap the gift. Need a box? Have a look in your pantry and use a cracker box or any box that is almost empty. When using boxes from your pantry make sure the person you’re giving your gift to knows it’s not food. My nephew once put his gift in the pantry because he thought I got him a box of cereal. Wrap the gift in the plain brown paper and tie a piece of used garden twine around it. I save all my used garden twine for this purpose just be careful not to pull on it too hard as it loses strength.

Step 2

Go out to the garden and see what you can find. You don’t need much just a few bits and pieces, look for cones, seed pods, flowers, leaves even wide grass blades. Lay out what you have and place them on the parcel until you get a pleasing effect. Then remove each one and put a little biodegradable tape or glue on the back side and place it on the paper. Do each flower or leaf individually.

Gift Wrapping with Greenery

Step 3

Use a medium to large size leaf for your gift tag; this can be from a house plant or outdoor plant. You can leave it in its natural shape or cut it into a heart or any shape you like. Write your message on the leaf with a permanent felt marker and using a hole punch to put a hole in your gift tag. Attach the gift tag to the twine that you had earlier wrapped around the package.

Step 4

Refrigerate your gift package. This will keep your flowers fresh for the day with no water. This style of gift wrapping cannot be done too far in advance unless you choose to use items such as cones and seed pods.

Gift Wrapping with Greenery


We will have another special Christmas wrapping article in December!

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