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Prepare For Rasberry Season

Rasberry Stalks

Not sure what to do with the mess of all those Raspberry canes and shoots jumping up all over the place? It’s easy and important to do the necessary pruning and thinning; this ensures good air circulation, better production and bigger berries.





  1. Look closely at all the canes just above the soil level; you will notice some are large, others are thin and some will be dead
  2. Remove at soil level the largest canes and the dead canes
  3. Now remove any canes which are growing in a weird direction, crossing or rubbing on other canes and any that are pencil size or smaller in diameter
  4. You should be left with lots of healthy, straight canes ranging in size from the thickness of your baby finger to your thumb as long as your thumb is not gianormus.
  5. Now have a good look at the canes that are left and you should see good spacing and a whole lot fewer canes. If you have more than one cane about every 8” you need to thin a bit more.
  6. The last pruning is to now cut the remaining canes you have left to 3’ or so

Raspberries do best when old canes are pruned out. To keep mine under control I usually only keep the canes that started to grow last year and prune all the others out. This is a super simple method of keeping them under control.

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