Month: January 2015

Sunlight in Forest

Small Actions You Can Take Today

I’ll admit I drive a car…. a lot. I feel badly about this almost every time I drive, especially when I look to the mountains and see a haze that never use to be there when I was growing up. However, I try to make up for my car dependence in other ways. I don’t kid myself that these small measures are going to halt climate change, but a few small changes are a good start! Some of the most important choices you can make are with your pocketbook by shopping with sustainability in mind. Eventually we could change the way items we buy are manufactured, packaged, and shipped. I try to buy most of my produce locally and from the Sunday farmers market, but when at the grocery store I avoid plastic bags at all cost and buy produce depending on what kind of packaging it comes in. It drives my husband crazy, but I no longer use plastic bags for our produce. What’s the point of the bags, really? I’ve yet to have a …